Jonathan cahn sermons 2020

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Jonathan Cahn Prophetic Announcement: The Return [Full Version]

View Videos. Public Figure. On the air sinceTrinity Broadcasting Network's flagship ministry and talk show Praise is one of the most recognizable — and most watched — Christian programs in the world. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was there when the replica of the entrance to the Temple of Ba'al was unveiled in New. He lived a practical life, a strategic life, an effective life. Every day, Jonathan Cahn and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

Once you install this app, you can read it by 1-click without connecting network. Women In Hay Barn. Franklin Graham. Long before these books he was known for opening the deep mysteries of Scripture and bringing forth. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger. Read the latest news about the brand and discover our online exclusives.

Join Gary Stearman and Jonathan Cahn as they share words of wisdom and insights into the last days. Johnathan Cahn is known for opening up the deep mysteries of scripture and for teachings of prophet See more.

jonathan cahn sermons 2020

Long before these books he was known for opening the deep mysteries of. July 15, by Michael Snyder. Michael Brown, Dr. See more ideas about Sermon, Teachings, John paul jackson. Donald Trump Charisma publishing, located at Rabbi Jonathan Cahn opens up on the most critical revelations yet.By Dr.

David R. People love pillow prophets. They hate true prophets. Pillow prophets tell people what they want to hear. True prophets warn of danger and cry for repentance.

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In like manner, Jonathan Cahn has been the victim of irresponsible and vicious attacks. It is not based on any new revelation from God. These are principles that I outlined in detail in my book entitled America the Beautiful? The United States in Bible Prophecy revised editions in and His message is that America is in rebellion against God, that God has placed remedial judgments upon us, and that if we do not repent, God will deliver us from judgment to destruction.

Furthermore, the Bible defines a false prophet as one who prophesies events that do not come to pass. He is simply declaring biblical principles. He is reminding us of the following truths:. Others have attacked Rabbi Cahn because they argue that he has taken a scripture directed to ancient Israel Isaiah and has applied it to the United States. Actually, we do that all the time.

jonathan cahn sermons 2020

The Psalms and Proverbs were written to the Jewish people, yet we apply them to ourselves. Should we reject the 23rd Psalm because it was not specifically addressed to the Church?

Jonathan Cahn

It reads as follows:. Are we actually going to contend that this scripture applies only to Israel? Are we really going to argue that if the professing Christians of this nation were to sincerely repent of their sins and the sins of our nation, that God would ignore it? This particular scripture contains a timeless principle about repentance that even applies to pagan nations.

Or consider the seven letters contained in the second and third chapters of Revelation. Each one was addressed to a specific church located in the area of Asia Minor modern day Turkey.

Do the letters apply only to those specific churches? Of course not! They are just as relevant to the Church at large today as they were when they were written to the seven specific churches in the First Century. For example, he has been accused of teaching that America is in a covenant relationship with God.

The fact of the matter is that he has never said that. Another unwarranted conclusion is that he teaches Isaiah was a prophecy about the United States rather than Israel. Again, Rabbi Cahn has never made such an assertion. Its writing style was not my cup of tea.

But so what? It greatly impacted tens of thousands of others, and I was immensely impressed with the overall message of the book. The message presented a stark, bone-chilling indictment against this nation for thumbing its nose at God.My husband is half Jewish…His Dad and Grandma crawled out of Germany in the middle of the night on their hands and knees. They Hitler had just killed killed his Aunt, as she was Down Syndrome. They left everything and it was a lot.

My husband looks just like you…you could be brothers. Should he be coming back to Israel. He says because he is not full blooded, as Mom was Czech, so he is not suppose to come back to Israel.

He is super brilliant too…both parents were University Professors. They each had 5 languages, from being in Europe. He is a little Autistic…but half the people in Silicon Valley are high functioning Autistic.

He does not like to go many places, but if you believe he should go back to Israel he would. He never misses a Church Service and always sits in the same spot. He is like Clockwork. I own a Music School, and know a lot of the great Composers were super high functioning Autistic. I am sorry this is so long and probably too much info. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of new posts by email. About Divine Mansion Articles. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Before leaving office, President Obama did what many had feared he would do, and what the White House had implied he might one day do - He instructed America's ambassador to the United Nations to abandon Israel.

The context was a U. In fact, of all the nations in the world, including dictator states, terrorist states, and states given to mass murder of its own citizens - it is the tiny democratic nation of Israel that has been condemned by the United Nations more than any other nation. What was unique about this particular resolution was its extremity. It began by claiming that Israel had no right to Jerusalem. But it went even further. Obama shocked the world by refusing to veto it, but letting it go through.

Beyond this, the evidence was manifold that he actually took part in engineering the bill and pushing it to approval. It all was seen as Obama's parting shot at Israel and its leader Benjamin Netanyahu whom Obama had often publicly attacked in the press.

Beyond that is the matter of end-time prophecy. But that America as directed by Obama took part in opposing Israel over Jerusalem is ominous. Such a move would be historic. It is also worthy of note that this month, Junewill mark the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem in the Six Day War and its restoration to the Jewish people - and thus a Jubilee.

Let us do as the Scriptures command us and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for the salvation of His ancient people, and for the United States, and that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And may God greatly bless you this month, as you do. Contact Us webmaster bethisraelworshipcenter. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy.Worthy News - Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger and many other bestsellers has launched The Return: a national and global movement of prayer and repentance culminating in Washington DC on September 26, 40 days before the presidential election.

Because there was no repentance, no turning back to God, no changing of course We have been warned. God in His mercy has afforded us a time of reprieve to turn and repent for our land to be spared from destruction.


It's a Nineveh moment! I believe we are standing at a critical moment, spiritually, culturally, politically, generationally, and almost every other way. And I believe as we come to September and the autumn months it will become even more critical. If we do not now rise to the call, we may never have the chance to do so again. This is the time period given on the ancient calendar for prayer and repentance, returning to God. Then, just before the end of these ten days will come The Return on Saturday, September Just one of these included is the fact that sincenearly 60 million American children have been murdered in America's abortion mills.

But The Return will also across America and the world, in other gatherings, churches, homes, etc. The event will be simulcast so everyone can take part. All who believe America is in trouble, that we need to return to God, and that only revival can save us are welcome to be part of The Return.

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To find out more, go to TheReturn. Let your Friends know!

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To find out more, visit Worthy Plugins. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.Has America moved so far from God, it's passed the point of no return? Religious believers gathering on the National Mall and around the nation September 26th are pleading with God that it not be so.

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At two huge events — Washington Prayer March and a solemn assembly called The Return — they'll be praying America be given more time. Evangelist Franklin Graham and prophetic writer Jonathan Cahn both say God led them separately to call for these huge assemblies on the National Mall September 26th. That's how important this day is. We're already seeing the beginning of it. We could have the dividing of America, the breakdown, the disintegration of America.

It could also mean the end of religious freedom. And I'm just asking people to join me.

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Then over by the Lincoln Memorial, around noon the Washington Prayer March will begin, stopping for targeted, focused prayer at famous Washington sites on or near the National Mall. In his promo for the prayer march, Graham said, "As I stand in this nation's capital, this country is in trouble.

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The only hope for America is God. It allows us to go directly to the King of Kings, directly to stand before the throne of grace and make our petitions known directly to God. The Harbinger II author also didn't know the pre-set scripture for synagogues nationwide to read that day are these special words in Joel 2 that Cahn shared with CBN News, stating, "It says 'And consecrate a fast and consecrate a solemn assembly to repent before the Lord.

So this is clearly…this is not our thing.

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This is God's thing. And let's don't be afraid. And we need to speak out in this country. Graham pointed out a hundred years ago, pastors and their churches were political leaders in their communities across America. He says it's time for God's people to return to such a position of crucial influence in the land. Each location visited during the prayer march will have a particular prayer focus.

At the Lincoln Memorial — that focus will be repentance and healing of America. Click HERE to view a map of the march route.

jonathan cahn sermons 2020

At the World War Two Memorial, it'll be prayers for the military, police, and peace in the land. Prayers at the Washington Monument will be for families and salvation and against abortion.

Then the marchers will turn from the towering Monument toward the White House to lift up the president and America's leaders. Next, they'll wheel toward the National Archives where the Constitution is enshrined to pray for religious freedom and churches. Finally, facing the Capitol building, the marchers will lift up Congress and the Supreme Court, as well as leaders and judges across the land.

Joe Biden isn't going to turn it around. Only God can do this.Jonathan Cahn born [1] is a Messianic Christian pastor and author. Born in New York StateCahn was raised in a Jewish family, the son of a Holocaust refugee, and attended the synagogue frequently.

Aged 20, after a near-death experience, he converted to Christianity. Cahn is the head of the Beth Israel Worship Center congregation whose "liturgy focuses on Jesus as savior. Their arrival in Wayne was viewed with suspicion by local leaders of Judaism as "Messianism has been condemned by Jewish clergy and leaders as a cloak for Christian missionizing.

Cahn told reporters that "the congregation has no intention of 'targeting' the Jewish community. However, anybody is welcome at the center.

jonathan cahn sermons 2020

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