Cci standard vs mini mag accuracy

Post a Comment. In fact, CCI may be the most popular manufacturer of rimfire ammunition with popular offerings including the Stinger, Velocitor, and Blazer line of ammo.

While I tend to personally use cheap standard velocity ammunition in my.

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Keeping a supply of my personally preferred. A recent trip yielded a box of CCI Mini-Mags for my plinking pleasure and here is the report of my experience with this. The CCI Mini-Mag is offered in both a standard 40 grain bullet and a 36 grain hollow point bullet loading.

Each of these bullets is plated to reduce barrel fouling. I was using the 36 grain hollow point during my informal testing. The hollow point of the bullet is fairly small, yet deep, compared to many others. However, the popularity of the CCI Mini-Mag by small game hunters offers plenty of evidence that the hollow point works in the field.

The bolt is not picky but the revolver decidedly prefers standard velocity loadings so I was hoping for good results from the Mini-Mag. The CCI Mini-Mag fires the 36 grain hollow point bullet at a published muzzle velocity of feet per second. Groups at 50 yards averaged just over an inch or so. Not bad, but not as good as with other ammunition either. The revolver was fired at 25 yards as the rough sights I blame the sights as the other option is my eyes!

Groups of just over an inch were also recorded with the revolver remember 25 yardsmeaning that it really liked the CCI Mini-Mag ammunition. I may get a few more boxes of it to try some more and use the Mini-Mag for hunting with the revolver. If your gun shoots the Mini-Mag well, I see no reason not to use it. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Especially in the spring whistle pig WP hunting. They look like a miniature prairie dog but are a little more hyper. On prairie dogs, the gun of choice is a. On a WP, airguns.

Budget 22LR with Great Accuracy – CCI Mini-Mag 22LR SHP Ammunition

Mainly due to the terrain, sagebrush and how hyper that they are. Right at sundown, they go on a frenzy and the ground looks like that it is swarming with them. Then as fast as it started, they disappear.

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I mean all at once. But whatever they do, they go underground for 8 months. And on wet years the weeds will get too high and that will also end your shooting.

But as I got older, I started caring more about accuracy and experimented around with different brands of ammo and then tricking out rifles. But for now, we will talk about ammo. As I got better rifles and tested ammo it quickly became apparent that all.

I tested a slew of. I got down to a. About Tom Claycomb. Why the hell would you kill marmots?

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Are you eating them, or using them for target practice? I know of no where that marmots are hunted for sport. Never heard of CCI mini mags getting 1 hole groups. May be 50 on a cherry picked group. CCI Standard velocity is the most accurate I have found, and I have tried many, many brands and types. Please Login to comment. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of.User Name Remember Me?

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Joshua M. Are Blazer 40gn. Hello, I got to looking at the specs on these two cartridges. Both are 40gn fps, and both are headstamped CCI.

I would like to use the Blazers to practice and the CCI to hunt. Therefore, does anyone know if they use the same stuff? I don't want to sight in one only to find out that the POI has shifted and end up having to shoot 20 just to get the barrel re-seasoned. In other words, given a 1" PB for the vitals, I'm confident of hitting it with the Mini-Mags, not so much the Blazers.

I do form both in D Rock's tool, but Blazers just have more variation from cartridge to cartridge when powder charges and bullet weights are concerned. Thanks, Josh. This is the dilemma we now face.

We must hold fast to our convictions as we confront this dilemma. Knowing one's self goes a long way in the crisis. Originally Posted by Joshua M. My rifle is a target-type, and it's just something it was suggested I do. I tried it, and the groups do settle down after 10 to 20 of whatever round is going to go through them.

Remove Advertisements. I have some of each, may have to try that in my CZ one of these days. Range Junkie. The CCI Blazers are pretty good for the money.

I am quite aware of the barrel seasoning argument and think some of it is hocus pocus. At least the part that you have to shoot 20 rounds to get the barrel back on track. I have shot many different bullets types in one outing at the range. I shot Eley with the super slick melt in the hot sun lube, right after shooting CCI Subsonic HPs and vice versa with do discernible difference in group size from the first group to the tenth group following the switch.

I have noticed one going from some bullets to others accuracy does seem to tighten up after rounds after the change but I've never needed twenty. I would just shoot a few groups with the Blazer and switch to the Mini-Mags and see if the groups tighten within the first couple of groups. SD Handgunner. I have seen the reverse also. In this case my first groups with the Blazers were better while the Eley lube was still in the bore, before the bore got coated with the lube from the Blazers.

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However this was the exception to the rule so to speak. I suspect that Blazers are factory seconds of the CCI ammo, as most big box store promotional ammo is, from the other manufactures. Seconds does not necessiarly mean junk, as it can mean the velocity spread is outside the mfg's standard, or one lot is a few fps slower or hotter than what the standard is also. Sometimes you can hear variations of the report when fired also when the variation of velocity is great.

They don't want to sell this out of spec ammo under their premium label, so they repackage it, and sell it at a discounted price. That's my opinion anyway.By asmurffJune 16, in Ammunition. I was able to see the difference between the two very clearly. I shot 2 target of each with the same results. Just want to put my 2 cents in on this topic. Have noticed multiple instances with the Federal bulk packs being really hit or miss in terms of quality and ease of use.

The shots consistently sound crisp and the same. My experience with the federal ammo has been terrible. They leave the breech and barrel filthy and actually make my girlfriend nervous. We went to the range today and shot some of the CCI we had left from the last time, about rnds and had no problems. We were out of that so opened a pack of the federal stuff and within rnds were already having lots of problems.

Our time at the range was over after we had a round FTE and i couldn't safely get the dang thing out with the tools on hand.

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Tatum told me straight up she wasn't going to shoot anymore of the Federal ammo anymore so don't buy it. I have to agree with her, it's just not worth the irritation. So if you guys are ever in a toss up between the federal and the CCI Got about rounds of Blazer through my with 0 malfunctions or FTF. When it gets warmer I am going to do some consistency texting with my Chrono.

I used to like automatch but it has been hit or miss lately. Not really any feed or FTF problems but very inconsistant velocity. Which is unsettling when in a match. Ive been using only Federal in my gsg AK i my wife brought me rounds of cci minimag for Christmas plus the box she brought me before i now have rounds of cci and a federal box, iam going to be going to the range Monday to shoot my Mosin in its standard config but while iam there ill also shoot cci and federal with my AK and post how they compare in that.

Looks to be quite a few different results in this thread. I don't use CCI much, just because of the cost vs bulk ammo, and the for me modest difference in accuracy. I can get Federal for. As for the residue after shooting, I have not noticed much difference between the two - I will have to pay more attention to that, I guess. I just figure that since the primer material contains ground up glass, all.Discussion in ' RimFire Guns ' started by flatironJun 13, Log in or Sign up.

Jun 13, 1. Messages: 33 Likes Received: 5. The factors I can think of is: SV solid point is more accurate? Mini Mag copper plated hollow point - relatively less accurate?

Jun 13, 2. Messages: 2, Likes Received: Mini mags come in hollow point, solid, and fragmented. I don't think you are going to damage much meat with any type of 22 long rifle. Accuracy is relative to the shooter and firearm. It's not possible to say if one round will be more accurate than another round.

The expensive stuff tends to be more accurate in most firearms but there is no guarantee.

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Last edited: Jun 13, Jun 13, 3. You are way over thinking this. It's just a. Either or both will work fine. Good Luck! U DJun 13, SteelSearchinF. Thompsonmiruss and 1 other person like this. Jun 13, 4. Messages: 54 Likes Received: 8 Location: Downriver. JustoJun 13, Jun 13, 5. I have found the hollow points are more effective on possums, woodchucks and raccoon than the round nose. Aim for the head do you don't eat lead.

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Squirrel Hunting Ammo : CCI Minimag Hollowpoint

Jun 13, 6. Messages: 1, Likes Received: 2, Location: Dearborn. I agree you are over thinking this. You are assuming for some reason that the HP rounds will be less accurate, based on what? Sounds like you haven't tried either the HP or solid points and want us to give you an idea of what your gun will like, doesn't work that way. What my gun likes your gun might spray all over.

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You need to buy different brands and loads and see what your gun likes, works the same for. All my.What makes it so special?

Moderators: flatgate, Moderators. Posted: Tue Mar 08, pm. I can take 'em or leave 'em. I think I ended up with around 35 different kinds. Even the pricey Ely Tenex didn't do as well. Stuff flat out shoots! Pricing gimmick I suppose? I wish I'd gotten more though, as I can't seem to find it anymore. But back to topic, CCI mini mag ammo wasn't even in the hunt "gilt edge" accuracy wise with fliers, but it always went "bang" and was accurate enough that a digger squirrel at 50 yds was almost certain to "lose his mind" with it Steel cuts bone.

cci standard vs mini mag accuracy

Steel does not cut steel. We will march on a road of bones. Sat Cong! Posted: Wed Mar 09, pm. Never had a failure to fire with Mini-Mags. Never had an underpowered or squib round like I consistently have with Remington bulk. Posted: Fri Mar 11, pm. My Glenfield mod. Federals and Remingtons give occasional 'blow-back' through the mag well and don't group well, but CCIs first the mini-mags and now the 'tactical' round are very accurate and clean to fire.

I fired all rounds and found them very accurate and every round functioned perfectly, same as the Mini-Mags.Nightforce has great tracking capabilities, they are rugged, a bunch of elevation, holds zero forever, and reticles are designed for long range shooting.

cci standard vs mini mag accuracy

So if you are looking to shoot long distances constantly, then you need a scope that can take the abuse. Read More. Nightforce is such a solid combo of reticle, available elevation, glass that is good enough to shoot at the longest range you can dial. Nightforce has bullet proof construction that can handle the incidental horse rolling or some other rodeo action.

cci standard vs mini mag accuracy

The total package. Nightforce is the best I have used as far as turret feel and solid detents. I have never had one that didn't track right on and always return to zero. Nightforce NXS is the best value for everything I need.

Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Log in Register. What's new. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Are Blazer 40gn. Thread starter Josh Smith Start date Jul 31, Josh Smith Member.

Hello, I got to looking at the specs on these two cartridges. Both are 40gn fps, and both are headstamped CCI. I would like to use the Blazers to practice and the CCI to hunt. Therefore, does anyone know if they use the same stuff? I don't want to sight in one only to find out that the POI has shifted and end up having to shoot 20 just to get the barrel re-seasoned.

In other words, given a 1" PB for the vitals, I'm confident of hitting it with the Mini-Mags, not so much the Blazers. I do form both in D Rock's tool, but Blazers just have more variation from cartridge to cartridge when powder charges and bullet weights are concerned.

Thanks, Josh. Mini-Mags are copper washed and Blazers aren't. Ridge Runner Well-Known Member. Joined Dec 13, Messages Location mathias wv. You need to weigh your Blazers if you want real accuracy. The ones that weigh out under Blazers are one minute of angle out of a CZ and compare to Mini-Mag and Game-Shok if you sort them out beforehand. The lack of copper wash doesn't seem to affect fouling rate very much.

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